Least cost routing

Least cost routing is the automatic selection of the cheapest call-by-call provider for a call. You must configure rules in order to make this choice for a call. For the server to be able to offer LCR, there have to be rules setup. These kann be setup manually oder implemented from different web services.

Information about current rates of Call-by-Call providers can be found on the internet under www.estos.de/produkte/unified-communications/procall4plusenterprise/lcr.html.

  • Provider
    The list Provider contains all Call-by-Call providers which can be used, with their respective dialing code.
  • Zones
    The list Zones contains the different zones for the Least Cost routing.
  • Assignment of zones to providers
    With the Allocation of providers the systems knows when to use which provider. According to the time you can specify the weekday seperately (Monday to Friday), Saturday or Sunday Allocation to the provider zones.

Deletes all LCR settings.

Import and export
You can import and export all LCR settings. The following formats are supported:

  • Own LCR-data format (*.lcrxml)
  • Agfeo LCR-data format (*.lcr)
    For Germany you can obtain LCR-data in this format from several providers in the Internet.

Version 7.8