The computer settings are used to permanently assign lines to a (computer) location.

If Active Directory® has been selected under User Database, all computers managed from Active Directory® will be displayed here. If the user management system is manually managed using UCServer, all computers will have to be manually added from there.At least, add all of the computers whose clients should be remotely installed or administered. Optionally, add all of the computers which should always provide notifications about their most recent activities.
The Add... and Delete... buttons are available for this purpose.

Actions from Buttons

Action Description
Add... Here, the desired computer name can be specified or searched in the network (if the computer is powered on).
Remove Deletes the selected computer from the list.
(or double-click the desired computer)
Displaying and configuring the Properties for a computer.
Begin updating the client If a new version of the client has been copied to the update directory, its distribution can be forced. Otherwise, it may take a day for the new version to be installed.

Actions through Context Menu

Additional features are available from the context menu (by right-clicking on the computer).

Action Description
Install Software With this action, the update service can be copied and started, which will then automatically download the current version of estos UCServer and install it. Software components can also be uninstalled here.
Update Installation Status First runs the Reset Installation Status action. Afterwards, the update service will be asked to re-send its data. This feature is helpful for checking if both program components can successfully communicate with each other.If not, check the firewall settings first. Furthermore, the display can be manually updated when a version of ProCall has been manually updated and there is no desire to wait for the display to update automatically.
Reset Installation Status The data about the installed version and the last contact between either the update service or clients and UCServer will be deleted.
Open Log File An additional window will open here, in which all individual steps have been logged. An error code will also be displayed for errors and problems. This display can be used, when information about each action is desired or problems need to be narrowed down.
Remove Deletes the selected computer from the list.
Properties... Displaying and configuring the Properties for a computer.

Column Description

Description Description
Computer name Assign the computer name in the network as well as in Microsoft® Windows®
Own extension Primary assigned line
Second extension Secondary assigned line
Update server Version of the update services on the workstation or terminal server
Client software Version of estos ProCall on the workstation or terminal server
Last logon The most recent date when which components last registered themselves will be displayed here. The component may either be the update server or a successful login by ProCall. If more detailed information is desired, open the Properties dialog for the computer and switch to the Status tab page.

Version 7.8