Properties for a computer

Two phones which always stand next to this computer can be assigned to it here (as a rule, these are not mobile phones). When a user logs into this computer they can use the phones even if they are not the owner of the phones.See also use with roaming users.

Multiline TAPI
These settings are only valid for the multi-line TAPI driver, if it has been installed on the computer. The multi-line TAPI driver always provides the extensions defined on the computer, regardless of who has logged on to it.As an alternative to configuring the individual lines, all of the active lines can be made available by entering an asterisk (*). The multi-line TAPI driver will then always depict the lines currently available on the server. This is required for use with a terminal server, for example.

Only authorized users may dial
If this option is activated, the use of the lines is limited. Only the owner of a line is able to use it actively. The current user name is determined for this, for example, starting a call on a line. It is then verified whether it is the user's own line in the User configuration. Only then can the line be used actively.

It is displayed here when a computer last logged on with the server and with which estos ProCall version or update service software version.

Version 7.8