Automate estos ProCall:
estos ProCall enables you to execute numerous of actions if defined events occur (ringing phone for example). The following tabel givs you a brief overview:

Event Description
In case of an incoming call Occurs when your phone rings.
In case of an outgoing call Occurs, when you have established a call and the phone rings with your respondent.
At the end of a call Occurs when the call (not connected) or the conversation (connected) was ended.
When call is answered Occurs when you accept an incoming call or your dialog partner accepts an your call.
When the remote call party changes Occurs when the dialog partner changes during the call.
After logging on to the server Occurs when the user could log on estos UCServer successful.
After logging off from the server Occurs when estos ProCall properly log off from the server. This is particularly the case when estos ProCall shuts down, but not when the compound is separated from the estos UCServer.
In case of an appointment (busy) Occurs when an appointment in Outlook® which is marked with the "busy" attribute becomes due.
In case of appointment (out of office) Occurs when an appointment in Outlook® which is marked with the "absent" attribute becomes due.
Automatically opened contact detail window Occurs when a contact details window open by estos ProCall automatically.
After xx minutes idling Occurs, when you have pressed no key or moved your mouse in xx minutes.

Create new action:

  1. Click Add new action and select the event when the action is to be executed in future.
  2. Click Choose action and select the action which is to be executed by the selected event.
  3. Make sure that the checkbox to the left of the selected event is active (checked). The action will only then be executed. You can also uncheck the checkbox if the action should not to be performed at present but will be needed later.

Activate/deactivate action

You can create an action for later use or temporarily deactivate an already created action if you deselect the hook on the left, beside the event field. As soon as the hook is input again, the event happens.

Remove actions

Actions which are no longer required can be removed with the "Delete" button at any time. The action to be removed must first be marked. Alternatively you can select the Remove action entry in the event field.

Use Actions filter

estos ProCall allows you to limit certain events by the aid of action filters, or to describe something more specifically. To put in an Action filter or to change, click on the filter button in the suitable row.

  • Up until now no Action filter was defined or the Action filters were deactivated. Click on this button to apply an Action filter or to activate the Action filter.
  • An action filter was defined and activated. Click on this button to change the Action filter or to deactivate the Action filter.

You can find further information in the section Action filter.

User-defined actions

estos ProCall gives you the option to create actions by yourself. These can be additionally selected when an event in the action list occurs. To create a new action, click the "Actions" button.

An overview page opens with all actions that have already been defined. For each action, you have the option of specifying there whether it is to be displayed in the main menu or in the context menus You can find more information about this in the section User-defined actions.

The events "at appointment (engaged)" and "at appointment (absent)" work only if data should be transferred, what can be changed by the settings under calendar.
A call diversion which is preset "at appointment (busy)" or "at appointment (absent)" as an action in the events, is also set as not activated in estos ProCall.
A call diversion which is preset "at appointment (busy)" or "at appointment (absent)" as an action in the events, is reset at the end of the appointment again.
If no actions have been defined to an event this entry is deleted when the settings dialog is closed.

Version 7.8