Appointment dates are transferred from the client to estos UCServer in order to permit estos ProCall to display them and pass them on. They are stored temporarily, consulted for creating your own presence and displayed to other users who have the appropriate user rights.

Appointment details can presently be read either from the Outlook® or from the IBM Notes® diary. In Windows® 10 you can also use the included calendar app.
If your administrator has installed this, it is also possible to use Google Calendar.
If you use multiple Systems, you can select the system you use as the data source.

A user has the option of limiting the amount of appointment data which is made available to the system.
The following options can be selected:

  • None
    No data is transferred to the server. This data is then not displayed to other users and the information is not included when determing your own presence status.
  • Public appointments only
    Only appointments which are marked as public are transferred to the server. They are then available for other users and for determining your presence.
  • Public appointments as well as the status and times of private appointments (default setting)
    All appointments are transmitted to the server, but for private appointments only the start and end time and the appointment status (busy, absent, etc.) are transmitted. This will show their presence in private appointments according to the appointment status for other users, without giving other users access to any other information (such as the subject).
  • Private and public appointments
    All appointment information is transferred to the server and is available to other users and can be used to determine your presence status.

Version 7.8