Welcome to estos UCServer

You will find more detailed information about the supported functions and settings of estos ProCall on our web pages.

A guide for installation and initial setup is available in our support area.

This helptext will assist you in configuring the estos UCServer and installing the estos ProCall clients.

  • An overview over the characteristics of the estos ProCall from the user perspective is provided by the page estos ProCall client.
  • Before you instal, please get information about the typical Application scenarios.
  • Help to the configuration dialogs of the estos UCServer can be found under Administration.
  • Information about the installation of the estos ProCall clients can be found under Installation of clients.
  • Information about details and special topics are summarised under Technical notes.
  • Links to software updates and support can be found on the page Product support.

Help is available at any time via the estos UCServer program window Help. Usually is the help opened on the subject which corresponds to the function used at this moment.

In Help the following icons are used:

Warning, caution
Change from earlier versions