General information

With the ixi-UMS Portal Server, ixi-UMS Enterprise makes the ixi-UMS User Portal Web application available to users.


The settings of the available options of the individual web applications are defined in the respective ixi-UMS components as "Standard" or "Default". In addition, these can be specified individually in the LDAP user administration for the user object. The values entered in the user object overwrite the settings defined in the ixi-UMS components.

If an option is activated for the web application, the user can change or overwrite the defaults entered in the LDAP user administration.


Which information the user sees in the  ixi-UMS User Portal and which settings he can make depends on the installed and available ixi-UMS components and the settings on the ixi-UMS Portal Server.


The ixi-UMS Portal Server can be installed on a computer with the ixi-UMS components or on its own computer.


Several instances with different settings can be created in the ixi-UMS Portal Server.


The ixi-UMS Portal Server can be set up so that users are offered the option "Use Windows session authentication". This enables "Single Sign-On" (SSO) for all users, in all instances.


Please note:

If the ixi-UMS components are installed on other computers, some settings (depending on the required and desired websites) must be made manually after the installation and access must be ensured:


1.Access via HTTP/HTTPS to the ixi-UMS computers
Existing firewalls must be set up in such a way that the ixi-UMS Portal Server can access the ixi-UMS computers via HTTP or HTTPS (depending on the setting) on the defined port. All computers must trust the certificates -> the certificates must be entered in the certificate store.


2.Connection security
The "public-key" created by the ixi-UMS Portal Server during installation must be entered in the ixi-Framework installed on all ixi-UMS computers.


3.Customize welcome email (ixi-UMS Voice-Mail Server only)
On the welcome email for the ixi-UMS Voice-Mailbox the link to the ixi-UMS User Portal can be given. The IP address/name of the ixi-UMS Portal Server must be entered in the ixi-UMS Voice-Mail Server.



ProCall Enterprise Integration

The ixi-UMS User Portal can be published via the "WebTabs" of ProCall. The function "Record and listen to announcements by microphone" cannot be used in this case, as the InternetEplorer does not support this function.

In order that users do not have to log on to the ixi-UMS User Portal in this case, the authentication via "ProCall Enterprise Integration" can be done automatically via Single-Sign-On.


Version 8.00