With ixi-UMS Enterprise faxes, SMS, text-to-speech messages and voice messages can be sent and/or received. The types of messages you can send and/or receive are defined on the ixi-UMS Enterprise Server. How incoming ixi-UMS Messages are delivered to you and what option you have to send a ixi-UMS Message depends on the setup of the ixi-UMS Server. This information must be provided to you by your administrator.


In principle, the following variants are possible for accessing received ixi-UMS Messages and sending the ixi-UMS Messages:

§Sending via your mail client, e.g Microsoft Outlook

§Dispatch of attachments: Office documents (e.g. Docx, xlsx), PDF files, image files

§Delivery of the messages to your mail client

§Sending via the ixi-UMS SMTP client (part of ixi-UMS Client Tools)

§Delivery of the messages in the ixi-UMS Web Journal

§Combinations of the above possibilities


Even if you send the ixi-UMS Messages through your mail client, the ixi-UMS Client Tools may be are installed. The ixi-UMS Client Tools extend the ixi-UMS Enterprise solution at the workplace to provide useful, convenient features for sending the different messages.


The ixi-UMS Client Tools include:


1.Fax printer driver to send faxes out of different applications

2.Mail merge fax module and Auto fax module for MS Word (Word macro)

3.Fax, SMS buttons/menus for MS Outlook add-in (Optional)

4.Sending of messages by Drag&Drop  (system tray)

5.Collecting faxes. This feature enables to print out of different applications (e.g. CorelDRAW file and Excel table) via the virtual printer driver and unite them in one fax (system tray)

6.Own mail client (optional)

7.ixi-UMS PS Drucker to sending faxes by using control character


In this guide, you'll find information about all ways to send and receive ixi-UMS Messages, as well as an explanation of all features of the ixi-UMS Client Tools.





Version 8.00