An Auto Attendant is an automated reception that greets the callers and provides them with several options, for example to be connected with the employee of a particular department by pressing a key. A typical welcome by an Auto Attendant could be the following:


"Hello, you are connected with company XYZ in ABC. If you want to be forwarded to the sales department, please press 1. If you want to be forwarded to the support department, please press 2."


An automatic acceptance has the following advantages:

·No calls are missed because the main phone number is busy. Callers who "know what they want" can therewith "serve" themselves more efficiently.

·Staff is relieved from routine tasks. Thereby more time can be spent on important calls.        

·Depending on time of the day and day of the week, different prompts can be imported (e.g. work breaks, office hours, public holidays, company holidays).        

The Auto Attendant operates day and night.        


The ixi-UMS AutoAttendant consists of a server part, which is installed on the ixi-UMS Kernel and an ixi-UMS AutoAttendant Client. With ixi-UMS AutoAttendant Client, you can set up such processes graphically and adjust them according to your needs. The ixi-UMS AutoAttendant was designed with regard to simple operability, so that also users without any programming knowledge are able to set up an automatic telephone exchange.


There are various modules, with which an individual telephone exchange can be created.




Version 8.00