ixi-UMS Business contains an answering machine function (Voice-mailbox). The users get one ixi-UMS number and can receive fax-messages and voice-messages.  Messages of all types are displayed in the user's Inbox.


If the fax number is not equal to the voice mailbox number, different numbers can be set up to receive fax and voice messages. Depending on the telephone system and connection of ixi-UMS Business, a global voicemail number can also be used by means of "route-by-redirection".


The function "Voice-mailbox" is to be used in 3 authorisation steps:


·Only Voice-mailbox

The user can set up 6 profiles via WebAccess and record a separate, individual announcement per profile, as well as all other profile settings. For example:

·Set up call forwarding

·Activate MWI at the office telephone (optional)

·Set your own office hours to set times for party and break breaks


The message of a caller is recorded and sent to the user assigned to this voice mailbox by e-mail. The user can play the message via a double-click on the PC or forward it as e-mail to his telephone and listen to it there.


·Voice-mailbox with configuration by phone

Like "Voice Mail Only". In addition, the user can call his UMS number and log in using a PIN. He can set up all 6 profiles on the phone and record announcements as well as all other profile settings except:

·Activate MWI at the office telephone (optional)

·Set your own office hours to set times for party and break breaks


·Voice-mailbox with configuration and distant query by phone

Like "Voicemailbox with configuration". In addition, an IMAP4 access is made to the user's mailbox when the user calls his UMS number. If new voice messages or e-mails are in the mailbox, they can:

·Listen to the messages

·callbach the caller

·answer to the message

·Delete the message

·forward the message as an e-mail (internal) or as a voice to a telephone.


This option is only available when the incomminig UMS messages are sent to a mail server with IMAP4 support.


Globale Announcement

When the user has not deposited an own announcement, the default announcement is played:

Hello, you have reached the voice box <extension>. I am not in the office at the moment. Please leave a message after the tone.


If "Use global announcement" is enabled, one individually recorded announcement can be used, e.g.:

Hello, this is company estos. The desired participant is busy at the moment. Please leave a message.


This announcement is valid until the user has made a separate announcement.


Version 7