Collect box

When using this application, you can send different files directly out of the Explorer by Drag&Drop.



It is not necessary to attach files using Copy&Paste or Insert/File.




Select the service "Fax", "E-Mail" or "Voc", depending on what and which way you want to send something, then enter the recipient number or the e-mail address.



Select the documents in the Explorer and place them in the Collect box by Drag&Drop.


Click on "Send".


Depending on how you have set the behavior of the ixi-UMS Business Client Tools in the settings, the message will be sent directly or a new e-mail will always be opened.


If you have not entered a recipient number, a new e-mail will be opened.



The file(s) you selected is/are attached. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to enter a "Subject" and an additional text in the e-mail body.


If you have not entered a fax number/E-Mail-Address by now, you can enter it manually in the "To"-field.


Click "Send" and the fax is sent


You can proceed the same way if you want to send e-mails or voice mails. Instead of selecting the service "FAX", select EMAIL or VOC.



Version 7