Installing Printer Manually

It can happen that the "ixi-UMS Fax" or "ixi-UMS PS" printer could not be installed or had been deleted by mistake.

In order that not the complete setup of the ixi-UMS Business Client Tools has to be executed every time, the installation of the ixi-UMS printer can be started out of the file system.


Open the Explorer and open the directory ....\ixi-UMS Business Client Tools\


Depending on the operating system and the printer to be installed, please switch to the directory "Driver", "Driver64Bit" for the ixi-UMS Fax printer or "PSDriver", "PSDriver64Bit" for the ixi-UMS PS printer.


If you want to install the ixi-UMS Fax printer, please double-click on the file "DriverSetup.exe".

If you want to install the ixi-UMS PS printer, please execute the "install.bat".


The printer is uninstalled first and then reinstalled. In any case, a black window appears briefly and maybe the request for allowing the installation of the driver. In the same directory, a DriverSetup.log is written.

If the IFax printer has not been installed, please have a look at the log to find out about the reason:


Log entry:

[02.03.12 13:48:23.512] [ 2528] [administrator] [   Hint] Removing IFax Printer

[02.03.12 13:48:23.702] [ 2528] [administrator] [   Hint] rundll32.exe printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /n "ixi-UMS Fax" /dl /q finished

[02.03.12 13:48:23.702] [ 2528] [administrator] [   Hint] DeletePrinterDriver finished

[02.03.12 13:48:23.702] [ 2528] [administrator] [  Error] Could not delete Monitor - The specified print monitor in unknown.

This entry only means that the uninstalling failed.


[02.03.12 13:48:24.533] [ 2528] [administrator] [   Hint] Installing IFAX Printer

[02.03.12 13:48:25.465] [ 2528] [administrator] [   Hint] Error Installing Monitor - <information>



See "Install Printer on Terminal Server" and check the user permission to install printers.


It also can be happen there are "remains" of old "IFax" printer in the Registry. Also other printers "prevent" the addition of the ixi-UMS printer frequently (e.g. often with HP original drivers). You then have to clean the Registry:


Start the Registry-editor.

Delete all the entries of IFax (and HP-printers, if applicable) from the branches:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Environments\Windows NT x86\Drivers\Version-3




Restart the printer queue.  

Execute the DriverSetup.exe again.


Version 7