Software distribution

Software distribution

estos UCServer provides central software distribution. With software distribution the administrator can install estos ProCall on the workstations automatically and centrally from the server after the estos UCServer has been successfully installed.

The installation requires administrator rights on the client. This can be either a local administrator account on the client computer or a domain administrator account.

For installation on workstations, you must add the appropriate computers to the computer list. Change to the Computer view in the estos UCServer administrator. With Add you can enter a computer name manually or comfortably add the computers visible in the Windows® network.

Afterwards, select the computers on which the software should be installed or removed. Select in the menu Install software. A wizard guides you through this process.

  • Step 1 of 4 - Overview of the selected computers.
    You see here the list of computers on which you wish to distribute software.
  • Step 2 of 4 - Select action
    You can choose between three installation or deinstallation options.
    • Remove installation service and software packages
      Use this option to install software on a computer. The computer must be running and accessible in the network.
      The installation service will be installed by this process. An administrator account will be necessary on the target computer to be able to perform this step successfully.
    • Manage Software Package
      Use this option to install or remove software packages on this computer. The installation service must have already been installed on the computer.
      Note: Modifying functional scope of a software package only possible through de-installation and subsequent re-installation.
    • Remove installation service and software packages
      Use this option to remove all software packages and the installation service from a computer.
  • Step 3 of 4 - Specify user account for access
    If you install the installation service you must now specify an administrator account with which you can access the computers.
  • Step 4 of 4 - Select software package
    Now you must specify which software packages you wish to install on or remove from the target computers. You can make further installation settings via the Details button.
  • When you have finished with the wizard, estos UCServer performs the appropriate actions automatically. With an installation, the client must now be available. With a configuration change or a deinstallation, the server remembers this until the next time the client logs in.

Remote installation on Windows® 7 Starter/Home Basic/Premium or Windows® 8 Standard-Edition is not possible as the necessry administrator rights are not available on these systems.
The TAPI driver may be changed only after deinstalling and reinstalling the client software.

Update service

The estos UCServer provides an automatic update service. More information can be found under Update service.

Update server

The software distribution and the update service need the update server. More information can be found under Update Server.

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