All evaluations that ProCall Analytics provides are based exclusively on the journal entries logged by estos UCServer. ProCall Analytics does not access log files of the telephone system. If your estos UCServer was temporarily not able to log its call events, they also do not appear in the evaluations in ProCall Analytics. Examples of causes include:

  • The estos UCServer is down
  • The connection between estos UCServer and telephone system (CSTA) was interrupted (telephone system or network problem)
  • The SQL database was temporarily not available due to maintenance work

If ProCall Analytics is operated with a estos UCServer from version 6, audio and video calls are included in the statistics.

Chats are currently not considered in the evaluation. For calls made with Bluetooth devices, they are only considered in the statistics if they were in the Bluetooth network at the time of the entire connection.

The appointment data also comes from the SQL Database. They are written by estos EWS Calendar Replicator, or by estos ProCall in the "Appointments" table. However after the appointment has elapsed, this entry is deleted again by estos UCServer. A database trigger on the journal table ensures that the state of the currently pending appointment is saved in the event of a missed incoming call in the "journal_analyticsInfo" table. As past appointment information is no longer available, an evaluation can only occur after the installation of ProCall Analytics.

The user interface of ProCall Analytics was designed so that it is ergonomic to operate on a PC or Mac® computer as well as on mobile devices (tablet). The layout adapts optimally to the resolution of your device.

The interface can be used with all modern HTML-5 compliant web browsers.

Important: To be able to use ProCall Analytics on your iPad®, please switch off "private surfing" under the settings for Safari.

Version 8