estos UCServer

estos UCServer Hostname and Port:

Use the "Find server" button to open a list of the estos UCServer available in the network. However these are only be shown when a Service Record has been entered. You can also manually enter UCServer if it is not listed.

The port must be added and separated with ':' after the server name or the IP address if the estos UCServer Standard Port 7222 was not configured. Also check that the Windows® Firewall is configured correctly.

TLS encrypted connection to estos UCServer:

If the option "Secured connection (TLS) required" was activated, the connection between ProCall Analytics Data Service and UCServer is always encrypted. The connection is only accepted if a trustworthy certificate is used. If the option "Secured connection (TLS) required" is not activated, an attempt is made to establish encrypted communication (however without checking the certificate). If this attempt fails, communication occurs without encryption.

estos UCServer login:

Under estos UCServer Login, specify the user name and the password of the estos UCServer Administrator, that is the login information that you also use for the estos UCServer Administration.

Data protection

If ProCall Analytics should not provide any personal evaluations (for example, a works committee has forbidden it for your company), you have to activate the option "Only permit evaluation for groups/team level". Now employees no longer appear in the evaluations. Only group evaluations are offered.

Make sure that you have installed a ProCall Analytics license on estos UCServer.
Go into the estos UCServer Administration for this. Select General -> Licenses > Add and enter a license code.

Version 8