Network interfaces

The connection between the software on the workstations and estos UCServer is made via network interfaces. The estos UCServer provides several interface types on the server computer for this. Each network interface is bound to a combination of IP address and port number, shown in the field "Bound to IP" and "Port". If network interfaces are used encrypted the configured certificate is listed. The configuration is shown at the fields "Encryption" and "Certificate". A coloured symbol with tooltip help indicates the actual state of the related network interface.

Default settings

The following default settings are used for the network interface types:

TypeBound to IPPortEncryptionCertificate
AdministrationAll available7221unencrypted
Remote TSP (TAPI)All available7220unencrypted
UC ClientAll available7222unencrypted

By default, ports are bound to all IP interfaces on the computer. If necessary, they can be limited to be used with specific IP addresses only.

Changing the default port configuration is not recommended except the setting conflics with other software running on the system.
If a port conflict accurs an error event appears in the event log of the estos UCServer.

With the button Standard settings can be reset to the default values.

Using the button Add a new network interface can be created.

Using the button Remove a network interface can be deleted.

Using the button Properties the configuartion of a network interface can be changed.

Version 8.3