User settings: general user information

Here you can enter or update the user's information.

Property Description
User name (login) This is the user name for logging onto the estos UCServer service. If Active Directory® is used, this name will be the same as the Windows® login name.
Identity The user's identity to be clearly identified in the Federation scenario. This identity address ideally corresponds to the e-mail address of the user. Therefore this user is also accessible via the Federation from outside of the company.
First name The user's first name (e.g. Arthur).
Last name The user's last name (e.g. Dent).
Displayed name This is the user's full name (e.g. Arthur Dent). This can occur several times and is only used for display purposes. If the field is empty, a suggestion is automatically shown when the first and last name are entered.
E-mail address This is the email address of the user. Among other things, it will be used for notifying the user about missed calls and voice-mail messages.
(UC-)Password The section for changing the password will only be displayed, if the user has been authenticated by estos UCServer itself. If Active Directory® is used, this section will not be displayed.

Version 8.3