What estos ProCall is able to offer you

The estos ProCall is a Unified Communications software suite for business. It combines computer-supported telephony (computer telephony integration, CTI) with features for company wide (and beyond company boundaries) online collaboration.

The estos ProCall provides a broad feature set for communication and collaboration with remote call control, conference, presence information, instant messaging, chat and SMS text messaging.

The estos ProCall with its various configuration options adapts perfectly for your personal daily working needs. The estos ProCall integrates well with your favourite applications for e-mail and contact data administration and optimises seamless your workflow and communication processes for business purposes.

Learn more about the essential functions and performance features of estos ProCall here:

  Contact search: Find information about the current contact.

estos ProCall automatically searches in case of an incoming or outgoing call for the appropriate contact information, based on the phone number (particularly the call partner) and displays this information. Which contact data sources are searched and in which order, can be defined in the configuration of the estos ProCall and (by the administrator) in the estos UCServer. If more contacts are found from several data sources for that phone number, the contact data which was last used is displayed as active.

Further you are able to search for the contact data of a person in the search window of estos ProCall by entering a name or parts of it. Then start the call or other activities from the contact detail window.

  ActiveContacts - actively manage contacts

The ActiveContacts technology in estos ProCall shows further information in addition to the contact data and the phone status of the user, e.g., calendar data of Microsoft Outlook®. The information is constantly updated in "real time". Therefore, you are always informed when and how your contacts are accessible. You are able to start and control the communication via a software menu, depending on the available information.

  Presence – see the availability of your contacts

Every user connected to the system owns a status further on reffered to as Presence. This information is aggregated according to defined rules based on the status of several services: Telephony status (telephony service), calendar status (calendar service), login-log off (system service) and the manually entered status, provided by the user.

The presence shows at any time the current availability of the person you wish to communicate with.

You find an overview of the displayed presence symbols and their meaning under Presence symbols.

  Federation - The trustworthy network

A federation is a secured structure for the communication between members of different organisations (e.g. two companies, company and customer) with the aim to improve cooperation.

Within the federation, presence management permits the exchange of current information about the accessibility/availability of people, even beyond organisation boundaries. So, a suitable method of communication can be selected (e.g. phone, e-mail, chat, etc.).

Within the frame of the federation, every organisation defines which information is revealed and decides which services and systems are used for the exchange of this information.

  Journal - tracking and planning communication

The estos UCServer journal informs you about all communication events, e.g. completed phone calls, missed calls and unavailable call participants. The information can be filtered and arranged according to different criteria.

The journal entries can be edited, marked, provided with notes and shared with other users.

All details for future telephone calls can be collected and edited upfront.

This allows you to keep an overview of your entire communications at all times. Important information cannot get lost anymore.

  Audio/VideoChat - Realtime communication using WebRTC

The estos ProCall enables an ad-hoc communication with other users via Audio/VideoChat and screen sharing. This is supported within the enterprise network and using federation accross enterprise network boundaries.

  Computer Smartphone Integration via Bluetooth (CSPI)

The estos ProCall client supports connecting cell phones with the PC using Bluetooth. This connection will make controlling and monitoring of the telephone possible. Furthermore a PC audio device can be used for conversations by cell phone.

  Softphone - Making phone calls with the PC via a PBX

The estos ProCall client can be registered via the UCServer at a SIP-PBX. The PC in conjunction with a headset turns to be a VoIP phone.

Version 8.3