Menu bar icon

The symbol in the notification area always gives you a fast access to the estos ProCall main windows. Just left click on the symbol.

During a call, you can always move the Conversation Window into the foreground. If a conversation window is not open or all conversation windows have been displayed, the main window will be shown. Furthermore, your current Presence Status will be shown on the tray icon.

In contrast, if you right-click on the tray icon, you will have access to the following features from the context menu:

  • Presence Profile
    The Presence Profiles menu will display all configured presence profiles and allow quick changes to your own presence. In addition, a presence status that was potentially changed manually can be reset using the Restore Status option. For more information, see Your Own Presence.

  •   Display monitor
    Use this function to start the Monitor. If the monitor is already running but currently hidden it is brought into the foreground with this command.

  •   Journal browser
    You can open the Journal browser with this menu item. Unlike the Journal tab in the main window you can consult all available journal entries here.

  •   Inbox
    The Inbox function switches to Outlook®. You can thus keep an overview of your e-mails received.

  •   Settings
    Open the estos ProCall withSettings in which you can adapt estos ProCall to your requirements.

  •   Login account
    The dialog "Login account" let you inspect the current server connection or log in to estos UCServer under a different user account.

  •   Help
    Opens this online help

  •   About ProCall
    Here you get information about the product version of estos ProCall and you have the possibility to get more detailled support informations and log files.

  •   Exit
    Exit estos ProCall

Version 8.3