Call forwardings

Call diversions can be set in several contexts in estos ProCall.
Call diversion profiles have been integrated to support the User in being able to reuse several different often-used call diversions and at the same time to be able to divert several lines.

If a call diversion is to be set on one of your own lines this can be done via the lines button in the "My presence" area.
This opens a dialog which lists the currently available call diversions and allows them to be reset or edited.

A call diversion profle consists of a name, the line which is to be diverted (or the lines which are to be diverted), the type of diversion and the target phone number.

With New a new call diversion profile can be established. This opens a dialog. In this dialog, the user defines the name of the profile and selects the line to be forwarded. He can also select All if he has several lines and wishes to forward calls from all of them.

The currently selected diversion profile can be edited with this icon.

Deletes the selected profile.

Version 8.3