Export evaluation data

Export data

Here you have the option to export all data of the evaluations of this dashboard in the CSV/XML or as a HTML table, optional also as graphic in PNG format. Further processing via third party applications (Office applications) is therefore possible. The dialog with the export preview opens. On the left side of the dialog, there is a preview of the export format. On the right side, you can choose options for the export.
Daten export

The following options are available:
  • Format
    Choose the data export format here. CSV/XML/HTML table
  • Add export report
    Choose here whether a report should be located in the archive with the export files that it describes (time period of the data (from/to), filter, evaluation settings)

Options CSV
  • Column header in first line
    If this option is active, the first line of the export file has the header. The data starts from the second line.
  • Separators
    Characters that are used as separators between the fields (usually ';')
  • Field qualifiers
    Empty: The values are only set in " when required, if a " or ' is selected, the value is always limited by this character.

Options XML
  • Tag identifier
    Here it can be defined whether the XML tags are generated in large, small or mixed.

Optional HTML table
  • Add class attributes
    All elements of the HTML table are provided with class attributes. It is now possible to freely define the columns and lines via css (column width, background color,...)

Evaluations to be exported
  • Here you can define for each evaluation whether only the data should be exported or if the evaluation should also be provided as a PNG graphic.
With the "Export data" button, the export data is generated and then prepared as a ZIP archive for download.

Version 8.3