Chronological progress for missed, accepted calls and availability




Chronological sequence of the number of accepted or missed calls. Service Level = availability, ratio of accepted calls to unaccepted calls. If you want to zoom into a time period, click the calender week or day (bar/data point). A new graphic opens with the zoomed-in time period of calender weeks in days / of days in hours of a day.


  • According to employee
  • Time period
  • internal/external or all calls

The following are displayed:

  • Number of all accepted calls (green)
  • Number of all unaccepted calls (red)
  • Service Level (availability)

PCA_Graph_Menu_Open Settings / Filter:

  • incoming calls only
  • outgoing calls only
  • incoming/outgoing calls

Database: This evaluation only refers to the current time period, not the comparison time period!

Version 8.3