estos UCServer Multiline TAPI Driver

The estos UCServer Multiline TAPI Driver makes any number of lines from the UCServer permanently available and configured for the computer. This driver is required for the terminal server and for cascading.

This driver offers the following functionality:

  • Easy configuration
  • Supported by the terminal server environments (Windows® Terminal Service and Citrix).
  • Can be installed multiple times and is therefore able to combine different UCServer information in one place.
  • Available as 32 and 64 bit driver
  • Identical interface on the TAPI driver as on the UCServer.
  • TLS encrypted connection / proof of server authenticity
  • Optional phone number formatting (server-sided, to dial and for phone numbers presented by the driver)


Open phone and modem options:

Settings which can be configured from the workplace include:

Version 8.3