XSL templates

The estos UCServer uses XSL Templates (short: XSLT) for the display of XML data as html sites. The XSL Template files are in the Templates or Templates/default directory. See Configuration files.

Template Deployment
unanswered.xslt E-mail notification of unanswered or forwarded phone calls. View XSL templates for e-mail notification

XSLT processor
estos UCServer provides the data as XML files. These XML files are processed into an HTML page with the help of an XSL template and an XSLT processor. Either Sablotron or the Microsoft® XML Parser are used as an XSLT processor.

Development of own templates
You can develop and use your own templates. You should familiarise yourself with XSLT syntax for this. You can find help on the subject at SelfHTML or the Microsoft® MSDN pages.
If you wish to use templates you have developed yourself these should be stored in the config directory. Your changes will then not be lost if an product update is installed.

Version 8.2