Active Directory® Objects

By default, replication of the Active Directory® objects will be restricted to 2000 objects in estos UCServer for reasons of performance.
In this context, a special understanding of the term Objects as Users will be required. In addition to Users, this includes groups, contacts and other things.

If Active Directory® contains 2000 objects and the next (2001) object is a user no longer present in estos UCServer, it will no longer be replicated. Check the number of objects stored in Active Directory®.
If the number of objects is found to exceed 2000, or if estos UCServer indicates a potential excess in the server status, the restrictions implemented in estos UCServer can be increased by adding the following registry key.

Registry Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\(Wow6432Node\)estos\UCServer4\Server\ADMaxRead

Version 8.2