Tools menu

The Extras menu offers you certain features which assist you with administration.

Reboot server
You can also reboot the server remotely. The connection must be subsequently restored. Depending on the number of lines it can take several minutes before the server is available again.

Network interfaces
This menu item opens a dialog to change the configuration of the settings of the server Network interfaces. Certificates for a secure communication can be configured under Certificate.

Core services
For specific scenarios some core services can be restricted.

Synchronize contact data
If the ActiveDirectory user administration is used, the contact data buffer can be updated here when you do not want to wait for the automatic cycle.

Change administrator password
You can change the administrator login for the server here. A connection to the server is required.

Select language
You can select the language in which you wish to run the program. More than one language DLL must be present in the installation folder for this. You must restart the program if you have changed the language.

Version 8.2