The estos MetaDirectory is a meta-directory which permits central collection of employee and customer information. Organizations can thus merge their existing, distributed data into a global information service based on the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP). The automatic synchronization caused by the replication process merges existing employee and customer data from different information sources. The advantage of the meta-directory over databases is the very high access speed and the high availability even during the synchronisation phase.

The special feature in connection with the estos UCServer is that the MetaDirectory standardizes the phone numbers during replication into (Super-canonical phone number). This allows an extremely quick search. If a MetaDirectory is entered here, the phone numbers of callers are transfered by the estos UCServer in names and are then available as e-mails via "unanswered phone calls".

If you connect estos MetaDirectory to estos UCServer you can decide whether just the server itself or also the clients connected are allowed to use the contact data. You can also separately configure access for phone books and further contact data here.

Further information about the contact search in estos MetaDirectory and other data sources can be found under Contact search.

If you are using a estos MetaDirectory with user management (from estos MetaDirectory version 3.5), you will need a user ID with password which is required for server-side search (esp. reverse call lookup). Please note that the specified user need full access to all data records at the Base DN in order to search on behalf of all users. You can specify here the user name and the password for the login with the MetaDirectory administrator program. A server side search is always executed in the context of the related user. The MetaDirectory returns contact data only according to the related user rights, for example by searching contacts during an incoming call. The ProCall logs in with the ProCall client related credetials. The login at the estos MetaDirectory is not done with administrative rights.

For better scalability, telephone books in estos UCServer are linked via estos MetaDirectory. Use of the telephone books does not require an additional license for the estos MetaDirectory.

Version 8.2