Telephone number formats

Supercanonical number

... makes it possible to distinctivly indentify a caller. estos UCServer and estos ProCall do exclusive use this format internally for all phone numbers. For display the numbers can view reformated in a beautified form. Phone actions will be performed with the shortened version.
Supercanonical phone numbers are starting always with a '+' character and have the following format: +Country Area Number.
No whitespace characters are used. The number consists only of numerics and the '+' character.
Example: +4901234567

Service numbers

... are official phone number which cannot be given in an international format. For example the german emergency number (110) or the directory assistence (118xx). To dial such numbers with the PC, they have to be longer than the internal numbers or they have to be configured as a rule for external numbers. These numbers will be given directly as dialable without any whitespaces.
Example: 11833

Phone number

Phone number Description
Dialable phone numbers ... will be stored in exactly the format wich is needed to dial it on the PBX. This numbers may be reformatted with the rules stored in the estos UCServer if needed.
  • Phone number internal extension number
  • Phone number external dialing code Number of subscriber 12345 in the local area network
  • External dialing code Country Area code Phone number Number of a subscriber in a different country
Phone numbers for display ... will be used by estos ProCall, if this format can be generated with country codes and city codes available.
+Country (area code) number
+49 (30) 123456 Phone number of subscriber 123456 in Berlin, Germany

The examples above are valid for germany and are strongly related to the according country. In the location settings you can see, which dial rules are valid for your location.

Version 8.2