Unprocessed calls and chat

You will find phone calls and chats which require your particular attention on the Unprocessed tab. Depending on your settings, you will see all journal entries here that are marked as not dealt with or all "Call in absence" e-mail marked "not read". Further information can be found under Settings in the Incoming calls.

You will find the following functions on the Unprocessed tab's icon bar:

  •   Mark as edited
    The selected entry or entries are marked as processed or read. The entries thus disappear from the view.
  •   Mark all as edited
    Marks all entries in the view as processed or read. The view is then empty.
  •   Internal calls
    Activate this option to additionally display internal calls. Deactivate this option to display just external calls.
  •   Grouped by days
    Click here if the entries in the list are to be grouped by day.
  •   Grouped by contacts
    Click here if the same subscriber's entries in the list are to be grouped.

In this view of estos ProCall it is possible to filter the entries with a freely defined text. For example, if you type in '123' into the input field of the filter options, you will only see entries which contain '123' in one of their fields.

In the tab Unprocessed you can freely configure the displayed columns. You can reposition a column by left click and hold the left mouse button on the column header. Now move the mouse to the desired position. To remove a column, just move it outside the table. Right click on a column header opens a context menü. There you can change the visibility of columns and you can set the columns and their grouping options back to default. With this context menu you can open the field selection dialog. Here you can drag and drop column headers in to the table to add these columns to the view.

An overview of the entry icons can be found on the Journal.
The phone calls can also be sorted if you click on the column headings (reverse sorting on second click). If a grouping is defined the phone calls within each group are sorted by the search criterion.

Version 8.2