Login account

In the dialog "login account" the user account can be configured in order to log onto the estos UCServer.

Configure UCServer

If the server configuration was not specified for all users during the estos ProCall installation or via the group guidelines, the estos UCServer can be changed (which the estos ProCall connects to) via the dialog "Login account".

Configure automatically
If the system administrator configured a DNS Service Location Record for the estos UCServer, the estos UCServer can be automatically located and configured.

Find server
All available estos UCServer's in the network can be localized and placed into the input field for the server name with the dialog "Search server".

Configure User account

Enter here the user name and the corresponding password to log on to the estos UCServer.

Use Windows® login
If the system administrator activated the estos UCServer authentication via the Windows® domain, it is alternatively possible to use the Windows® login.

Version 8.2