Customers with the most calls



The top 5 customers that have communicated the most (number of calls) or the longest (call duration). The Others section refers to the other customers. Customers with the same results are sorted alphabetically. To analyze the calls or call duration of a customer in more detail, click on the segment of the customer. A new graphic opens with the Number of Calls of your Employees with the Customer over Time.


  • According to employee
  • Time period
  • Comparison time period (if trend analysis active)
  • internal/external or all calls
  • The following are displayed:

  • Percentage of total call volume or call duration of all selected customers

PCA_Graph_Menu_Open Settings:

  • Trend / comparison time period
  • PCA_Agents_Most_Calls_Trend

    Evaluation according to:

  • Number of calls or
  • Call duration
  • Filter:

  • incoming calls only
  • outgoing calls only
  • incoming/outgoing calls

Database: This evaluation only refers to the current time period, not the comparison time period!

Version 8.2