Database server

Server name and database name

The server name and database name are prefilled and cannot be changed. They come from the configuration of the estos UCServer Administration.

Database name logon

If you have decided to install the ProCall Analytics service using a Windows® Account (not LocalSystem) (step 2, Service Account), you can now use this to log onto the SQL database. However you can also specify a logon name and a password of a SQL user. You have to make sure to activate the "Mixed" logon mode in the SQL database configuration in order to use this authentication method.

Permissions : Because ProCall Analytics generated in the preparation of the database tables and triggers, the database user is used must be db_owner on the estos UCServer database. At least, however, the rights "create table" and "create trigger", as well as update and select the "journal" table and the scale of ProCall Analytics table "journal_analyticsInfo". The permissions "create table" and "create trigger" are needed only until the end of database preparation. If you use the database user under which the estos UCServer has created the database, so that already has all the necessary permissions.
It is essential to configure the firewall on the computer on which your SQL database is located so that port 1411 is accessible from outside. The UDP Port 1434 must also be accessible.

An article about the correct configuration of the Windows® Firewall for the MSSQL Server® is available under:

If you have already used estos UCServer with a SQL Database you will get informed the the data has to be prepared before they can be used by ProCall Analytics. As this process can take a long time and can affect the productive operation of yourUCServer, we strongly recommend to run this process overnight.

Version 8.2