LAN Settings

Settings for the connection of UCServers, which have configured their connections to other servers through the proxy service.

  • TCP Port
    Enter the TCP port through which XMPP Proxy should expect incoming connections. The port can be set to 5275 by clicking the Default button.
  • Bind to IP address
    Choose the IP address, which you would like to use for incoming connections, for your system.
  • Password
    Enter the password that UCServer should use for logging onto the XMPP Proxy.
Be careful that the Windows® firewall for the computer running XMPP Proxy will not block the port chosen and setup an appropriate rule, if necessary.
Be careful that only one user is active for each UCServer. Otherwise, the message will be delivered to the last UCServer that logged into XMPP Proxy.
The connection between UCServer and XMPP Proxy can only be encrypted if, as described in Sectionconfiguration of the certificate a valid server certificate has been configured. If no certificate is selected, between UCServer and XMPP Proxy only an unencrypted connection can be established.

Version 8.1