Setup of DNS Service Resource Records for the federation

A Service (SRV) Resource Record can be created on a Domain Name Server (DNS) for making IP-based services easier to find in a domain. Additional information about a service may be made available (such as the server running the service, priority and so forth).

Such a Service Resource Record can be created as follows:

_sipfederationtls Service Location (SRV) [1][0][5061]

_sipfederationtls The name of the services which are found in the DNS. For the federation, the name must be _sipfederationtls.
Service Location (SRV) The type of record contained by these lines.
[1] The priority of the service so that different, similar records can be prioritized. Not in use.
[0] Emphasizes the entry. It is not used
[5061] Here the port number is provided from which the service provides the service. For the federation the default is generally valid: standard SIP on port 5061. The computer which offers the service. Here, the federation expects the computer on which the UCServer runs.

How and where the Service Resource Records are created for specific DNS servers can be found in the corresponding manufacturer's documentation.

Version 8.1