Setup a DNS service resource record

A service (SRV) resource record can be entered in a DNS to make IP-based services in a domain easier to find. Additional information on a service can also be made available (e.g. server on which the service is running, priorities, etc.)

Such a Service Resource Record can be created as follows:

_ctiserver Service Location (SRV) [1][0][7222]

_ctiserver Name of the service under which it can be found in the DNS. For estos ProCall this must be _ctiserver.
Service Location (SRV) The type of record contained by these lines.
[1] Priority of the service. This permits prioritisation of the different, similar entries.
[0] Weighting of the entry. Is used to make a pre-selection of the DNS entry when the client setup is run. The following values are of particular significance:
0 - DNS entry exists but the static configuration is still pre-selected in the client setup
1 - 99 DNS entry is pre-selected in the client setup
100 - DNS entry is pre-selected; static configuration is not available.
[7222] The port number under which the service provides the service is specified here. For estos ProCall, the default setting is normally client port 7222. Computer which provides the service. Here estos ProCall expects the computer on which estos UCServer runs.
More details about the numeric values (special priority and weighting) are documented accordingly in the RFC-2782.

How and where the Service Resource Records are created for specific DNS servers can be found in the corresponding manufacturer's documentation.

Version 8.1