External servers

External servers will provide additional services for this UCServer installation. These services include:
  • Web Services
    Web services permit access to UCServer through HTTP or HTTPS. This will permit communication with clients located on the Internet using UCServer.
  • Audio Relay Server
    Audio relay servers are required in order to make it possible to use SIP softphones (audio chat) with telephone systems that are not compatible with WebRTC.


If this UCServer installation has been registered with UCConnect, UCServer will connect with one or more external servers. They can provide the Web Services and STUN and TURN Servers features.

Local Web Service

A web service, which is continuously connected with UCServer (inbound), will be installed on the local machine by UCServer. This local web service will provide the Web Services and Audio Relay Servers features.

This service also has its own web interface and the web applications "Multimedia Business Card" and "Portal".

The web interface
The links specified refer to localhost and HTTP. If the pages are retrieved on another computer and/or if HTTPS (default setting on Port 7225) is to be used, they must be adapted accordingly.

  • Main page
    This page contains references to the other pages of the WebService.
  • Installation support for the mobile apps
    These pages, provided they are accessible via the Intranet or Internet, help users to quickly set up the mobile apps for estos UCServer.
    Users are guided through the configuration.
  • The Portal
    Users can be contacted from web pages via the Portal and the associated multi-media business card. For more information, see below.
    To be able to use the Portal and the business card productively, the WebService requires Internet access. This ensures that the version adapted to the current browser versions is always available.

  • Administration interface
    The local WebService has an administration interface that enables users to see the current connection status to UCServer, the clients currently connected via the interface and the current WebService logfile.

Multimedia Business Card
Multimedia Business Card (referred to in the software as simply ‘business card’) allows any estos UCServer user to be available over Internet-based real time communication. To this end, every approved user receives his personal contact page with presence and contact information as well as the possibility for direct, simple contact via links. The link to this page can be added easily in the Email footer or printed profile page, enabling a rapid contact via the intranet or Internet.

An approved user's business card can be accessed via a link starting with http://localhost:7224/apps/contactportal/ and attached identity of the desired user.


Users can be specifically enabled in the user settings under "Services" with "Business card visible for anonymous users". In addition, all users of a Portal group are approved for the business card.

It is recommended that users are enabled specifically on an individual or group basis, since with global settings potential user contact details may become visible that should not be public.

All users can be activated with the global setting "Business card visible to anonymous users".

If a user is approved for the business card, new buttons are displayed to him in ProCall above the search input line that he can use to control his availability in the web application.

The button "Start post-processing" allows users to set "Occupied - In post-processing" in order to indicate to other users of the web application the non-availability by means of the presence state "Occupied". Pressing the button again resets the state.

The additional keys map all the Portal groups configured by the administrator, including the business card, to which the user can log on or off. If the key is activated, the user is "logged on" and his availability is displayed on the web pages. If the key is not activated, the user appears on the pages as "not available" and can only be reached via e-mail or a phone call.

All the users of the Portal Group are listed in Portal. The Portal enables visitors of the website to find the appropriate contact themselves and get in touch with them directly. Presence management automatically controls the availability of individual contacts.

As shipped, the user group named "Contactportal" is considered as the Portal group. The user group must be created manually. All members of the group will be listed in the Portal. In addition, the user group must be enabled for use in the Portal via the setting "Portal Group", which can be found in the "Services" group tab.

For further information, in particular regarding the definition of additional Portal groups, please refer to the online Help (not available in the field test!).

Availability over the Internet
The web applications can be used automatically on the local server, but maximum benefit is achieved if the users, clients or partners also have access to these pages via the Internet.

You can make the UCServer available to estos ProCall clients via UCConnect or provide own servers.
Please refer to our Best Practice Manual on how to make the UCServer accessible from the Internet.

Version 8.1