Remote - TAPI driver

Here you can set up the remote and Multiline TAPI-driver phone number formats.

PC dialing

  • Dial without formatting
    The phone number is only adapted by the rules in "PC dial final" in Formatting rules, all other formatting rules are ignored.
  • Format phone numbers before dialing
    All rules for outgoing dialing stored in the location are applied.

Phone number format:

  • Without formatting
    Phone numbers are passed to the remote TAPI-driver without formatting. The application which uses TAPI receives the numbers as if they had been reported directly by the phone system.
  • Pre-formatted, without external dialing code
    The phone number is preformatted, i.e. with all rules applied but not presented super-canonically.
  • Formatted, super-canonical
    The phone number is formatted with all rules and presented super-canonically.

Multi-line TAPI Driver Line Names

  • Original name as registered by the TAPI driver (default)
    The line names presented by the multi-line TAPI driver will correspond to the original names of the TAPI lines.
  • Line Phone Number (completed according to location)
    The line name for each line will be overwritten by the phone number completed according to the location. This setting is always to be used when there are multiple instances of the driver for a telecommunications system and these instances have lines with the same names. The lines will be presented with short, internal phone numbers, however belong to difference locations. The system using the multi-line driver will no longer be able to determine the location to which the line belongs. Enable this option to distinguish between the lines.

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