Line phone numbers

The Lines will be assigned to the users in the easiest manner based on the phone number configured in the user profile. For this, the line phone numbers should be in international format. If the lines do not have an internationally formatted phone number, the line phone number will be transferred in international format with the location of the line. This will only work when the phone number exists in the DDI range for the location. If the line phone numbers cannot be transferred in international format with the location information, they can be adjusted using rules. Doing so will be necessary when the phone numbers are not in agreement with the DDI phone numbers (numbers outside of the phone number range, cross-network identifiers and so forth).

The rules permit detection of phone numbers based on Regular Expressions or direct comparison. Each entry can be configured individually. If the Replace With column has been entered, the phone number will be replaced automatically. The phone number should be formatted using international notation after the formatting process. The configured rules will be processed from top to bottom until the first match has been found.

The rules can be checked immediately. Enter the corresponding expression in the Phone Number field. If the phone number was detected and how it has been implemented can be seen in the output row. The rule used for recognizing and formatting will be highlighted.

Specific Examples for the Use of Rules for Adjusting Line Phone Numbers:
  • Phone Numbers with Cross-network Identifiers (Cisco)
  • Internal and external phone numbers outside of the base number range (lines do not carry the DDI phone numbers, but rather internal line identifiers).
If a comprehensive set of rules should be established, the list can be maintained outside the administrator's utility. Existing rules can be exported as XML or CSV files, adjusted correspondingly and then re-imported.

Version 8.1