Start installation

Performing the installation

For installation and operation of the estos UCServer a server account in the estos UCConnect is required. The UCServer must be able to connect to UCConnect during installation and be permanently connected during operation. Information about ports and destination addresses can be found on the support pages.

  • By clicking on the UCServer_xx-XX.msi the server installation starts.
  • After the welcome page, the license terms are displayed.
  • Read and confirm the licensing agreement.
  • On the next page the ServerID and the corresponding password from the server account in the estos UCConnect must be specified.
  • In the next step it is checked whether the version can be installed and the result is output. For this in the UCConnect is checked whether a valid license for this version is registered, and/or whether there is a valid software maintenance contract (SPV).
  • Next, the installation folder must be specified. After that the installation of the estos UCServer can be started.
  • Nach der Installation startet automatisch das estos UCServer Setup um die wichtigsten Einstellungen abzufragen. Hilfe zu den Dialogen des estos UCServer Setup finden Sie unter Setup.

The server may not be installed directly from the zip file supplied as otherwise the Windows® installer cannot find ProCall_xx-XX.msi which is required for installing or updating the workstations.

Notes for the installation with Microsoft® Installer on a terminal server

The following points should be borne in mind when running a .msi file on a Terminal Server:

  • Administrators and non-administrators can run Windows® Installer Installations from the command line.
  • A terminal server remote session allows only administrators to perform installations.
  • Administrators can only perform Windows® Installer installations from a remote session if the EnableAdminTSRemote system policy is activated. This policy is only available from Windows® Installer version 1.1 upwards and Windows® 2000 and later Windows® versions.
  • The Windows® Installer is started as a system service and therefore cannot access connected network drives. If you execute .msi from a network resource, use UNC paths (\\Server\Verzeichnis\produkt.msi).
  • If you get an Error 2755: Server returned unexpected error 3 attempting to install package message the cause is usually that you have run the setup from a network drive and have not used UNC paths (the installer service cannot find the .msi).

Version 8.1