Cooperation with Microsoft® Outlook/Exchange

estos ProCall works closely with Microsoft Outlook®. This cooperation is based on two components:

  • Joint data usage
    estos ProCall uses the MAPI interface for accessing information from Outlook® or providing new information to Outlook®.
    Alternatively, an Exchange Server can be integrated directly by using Exchange Web Services.
  • Outlook® user interface toolbar
    In order to be able to use estos ProCall functions from Outlook®, a COM add-in can be installed upon request, which will add a toolbar to the Outlook® user interface for quick access.

Joint data usage

Contact information from the Outlook/Exchange database can be sought and displayed by estos ProCall.
Contacts from other data sources can be comfortably created in the Outlook/Exchange database via estos ProCall so that they are also available there.

If desired, the client will display the number of new emails in the inbox.

estos ProCall can use Outlook/Exchange calendar information to determine the user's presence status. The user can define whether private appointments should be included and also prevent access to this information.

The Outlook/Exchange task database can be used for comfortable call scheduling in estos ProCall.

The Outlook/Exchange journal can be used to save a call journal created by estos ProCall.
Copies of the estos UCServer journal entries are made for this purpose in this journal either by mouse click or automatically. It is also possible to define under which conditions such an entry should be copied.

Exchange Web Services
Should Exchange Server have been integrated directly through Exchange Web Services, estos ProCall will also be able to read the necessary configuration directly from Outlook®. All mailboxes setup there will be checked and used automatically.

estos ProCall Plug-in for Outlook®

To make context-sensitive access to estos ProCall features directly from Microsoft Outlook®, installation will add a plug-in-toolbar to Outlook®. Making calls, searching for contacts and creating tasks will be made possible by this plug-in.

The toolbar is set up as part of the estos ProCall installation.

The toolbar consists of three buttons and one input field:

Element Description
Phone call A menu with different functions is displayed by clicking on this icon. The functions are based on the displayed or selected elements.
  • E-mail
    Search for sender and sender’s e-mail address.
  • Contact
    Menu for direct dialing of all the contact's phone numbers.
  • Task
    If the theme of the dialed or displayed task contains a phone number in square brackets ([]) a menu entry for directly dialing the number is created.
  • Other element
    All other elements have an entry in this menu to open the client focussing on the search line.
All elements always have the redialing list as last menu entry.
Search field With the help of this entry field the estos ProCall can be promted to search for a term or dial the entered phone number.
Enter appropriate text or phone number and confirm it with the enter key.
Plan call A call can be schedule for contact using this feature. To do so, a new task will be created using a specially formulated subject.
Info estos ProCall will display an informational window about this contact, which will list special information about the calls (done, scheduled and unanswered) in addition to contact data.

The buttons Plan call and Info are only available if there is a contact selected.
Presence status will only be displayed for contacts found in the list of favorites or the monitor.

Version 8.1