Support for Bluetooth Cell Phones
Cell phones can be connected with the PC using Bluetooth. This connection will make controlling and monitoring of the telephone possible. Furthermore an audio device connected to the PC (e.g. headset) can be used for conversations by cell phone. The telephone must support the Bluetooth Hands-Free Profile. This is also be used with a speaker phone in the car.

Connect New Devices with the PC (Bluetooth pairing)
The cell phone must be connected with the PC (Bluetooth pairing) in order to be able to use it. During pairing, Bluetooth must be active and visible at the cell phone while new phone devices in the Bluetooth configuration of the Windows® Control Panel are being searched. If pairing is successfully completed the new phone device appears listed available in the Bluetooth configuration of estos ProCall.

All cell phones that have been connected with the PC can be automatically used. Alternatively, only those telephones that are desired for use can be selected from the list of connected devices. If the cell phone is successfully connected with estos ProCall you see at the Presence area of the Main window a green line symbol. If no Bluetooth connection exists the line symbol turns to be grey. If you have more than one line available and you wish to do an outbound call you have to select the related line symbol of the cell phone to be used. Then enter the phone number of the destination party at the search line or select an ActiveContact in the Favorites area and press the symbol for calling.

The Phonebook of the mobile phone/cell phone can be optionally integrated.

Offline journal
If the Bluetooth connection will be interrupted and becomes available at a later moment, calls that have been made in the meantime are synchronized with the journal based on the imported call list.
Please note that no call duration can be determined from the imported entries for the journal.
iPhone® mobile phone via Bluetooth
The transferred content of the imported call log has been changed by the last iOS versions.
The imported call log contains only the most recently calls per subscriber, each for incoming, outgoing or missed calls.

Call Protection
The settings for Call Protection are also valid for cell phones connected via Bluetooth with the estos ProCall client.

Enable PC audio devices
If you like to use the PC audio devices for speech conversations via cell phone, the setting "Enable PC audio devices" must be checked (default setting).

Deactivate hands-free system driver
Because of technical restrictions only one hands-free driver can be active at the same time. estos ProCall can automatically disable the system driver to enable this functionality.

Configuration of the PC audio devices
The PC audio device can be configured with the Audio/Video Wizard. The Wizard is started automatically during the initial setup procedure. But the Wizard can be started anytime by pressing the Audio/Video symbol at the Presence area of the main window. If you have enabled the checkbox "Enable Hook switch support" ("HID" buttons) in the Wizard, calls via cell phone can be accepted or dropped per PC audio device buttons.

Conversations via cell phone, via Audio/VideoChat and via Softphone can be done using the same PC audio device (e.g. headset).

Conversations per Bluetooth and PC audio devices
An active call is being represented by the Call window. In the conversation window near the call control buttons a small menu allows using further features like sending DTMF tones or moving audio from the PC towards the cell phone or back.
If you have paired your cell phone with estos ProCall and you establish a call by using your cell phone (e.g. accept or dial a call), audio is active on your cell phone. But if you establish a call by using the PC, the PC audio devices are being used. This is because if you are with your cell phone in the Bluetooth signal range of the PC but not at your desk, audio should be automatically active at your cell phone.

Technical information
You may pair several cell phones with estos ProCall at once. Please be aware that one active audio stream via Bluetooth is supported with one of the paired cell phones. Thus if another paired cell phone does calls while the PC audio devices are already in use, you talk on the related cell phone.
PC audio devices are supported using sampling rates between 8 kHz and 96 kHz (8, 16, 22.05, 32, 44.1, 48, 96 kHz). It is recommended to use a headset.

Version 8.1