Set up voicemail box

If a Voice Services telephone system is in use in your company, an answering machine is available. You can set up call forwarding to this voicemail box directly via the context menu on your line.
A message left by the caller will be delivered to you as an e-mail.

You can set up your voicemail box via the phone using the ... menu in the estos ProCall main window.
The telephone menu provides you with the following options:

Main menu
You hear an announcement: You have x/no new messages

  • Press 2 to change folder
  • Which folder do you want to switch to?
  • Press 0 for new messages
  • 1 for old messages
  • Or # to cancel

  • Press 3 for more options

  • Press 0 for mailbox options
  • Press 1 to record your greeting for when you are unavailable
  • Press 2 to record your announcement for when you are busy
  • Or press * to return to the main menu
  • Press * for help or # to exit

Version 8.1