Number of calls per hour



Sum of the outgoing calls, the incoming calls, or the forwarded calls per hour of the day. All calls (incoming/outgoing, accepted/missed) are counted.


  • Selected customers or Top 5 / Top10 / Top20 / all
  • Selected employees / teams
  • Time period
  • internal/external or all calls

The following are displayed:

  • Sum of all outgoing calls per time of day
  • and
  • Sum of all incoming calls per time of day
  • or
  • Sum of all forwarded, incoming calls per hour of day
  • Sum of directly accepted incoming calls, calls per hour of day

PCA_Graph_Menu_Open Settings:

Evaluation according to:
  • All calls
  • Unaccepted calls
  • Accepted calls

Display incoming forwarded calls

Via this setting, it is possible to evaluate the incoming calls differentiated by forwarded or directly accepted calls.

Version 8.1