Terminal Server

To use the estos UCServer with a terminal server or Citrix® Metaframe, first install the server.

In contrast to TapiServer 2.x, with estos UCServer no TAPI drivers are required for estos ProCall in Terminal Server environments.
You only have to install the multi-line TAPI driver if other applications use TAPI.

If you have installed a further application which uses TAPI please observe the following instructions:

estos UCServer is installed on the Terminal Server
If the estos UCServer is installed on the terminal server, no remote TAPI driver is used. The lines which are made available to the telephone system by the TAPI driver can be viewed and used by all users. The estos UCServer has the task to allocate lines to the users.

estos UCServer is not installed on the Terminal Server.
If the estos UCServer is installed on another server, the Multiline TAPI driver needs to be installed on the terminal server. In the configuration of the Computer all lines are allocated to the Multiline TAPI driver, which are required by the terminal server users. These lines can then be viewed by all users and the right line is always used for the user which is logged on.

Every user uses the terminal server from his permanent workstation:
In this case every user can have his own phone assigned to them. Every user is the owner of his phone which stands next to his workstation.

Every user can use the terminal server from any workstation:
Users do not have an own number:
In this case users are not assigned their own lines. Phones are assigned to the computers which they are standing next to. If a user logs on to the terminal server from a workstation they are assigned the phone standing next to that workstation.
Every user has an own number:
In this case every user can have his own phone assigned to him. The user can then either take his (cordless) phone with him to his workstation or log on to a phone so that their number is available there.

Version 8.1