Contact search

With an incoming or outgoing call, estos ProCall automatically searches for the dialog partner for the displayed phone number in various locations. Parts of the contact search are implemented both on the server and on the client. estos UCServer searches for a suitable contact and presents them to the client. estos ProCall searches in client-side connected data sources and expands the individual contact into a list of contacts. After the search is complete, estos ProCall checks whether the user has already ever selected one of the contacts found. If a contact has ever been selected, this contact is set as the active dialog partner; otherwise, the first contact found (server or client contact) is displayed as the active dialog partner.

  • Contact search in estos UCServer:
    The server searches synchronously for a contact. The client therefore only displays the call window for an incoming or outgoing call when the contact search is finished.
    The server searches in the connected data sources in the sequence specified here. The first hit ends the search.
    Server search sequence:
    • Cache for contacts already found
    • Internal user administration
    • Active Directory®
    • estos MetaDirectory databases
    • EDBCon (SDK component)
    • estos MetaDirectory Phonebooks

  • Contact search in estos ProCall:
    The client searches asynchronously for a contact. The call window is initially displayed with the contact found on the server. The client searches through the contact data sources configured and specified by the administrator in estos ProCall.

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