The terminals must be set up and provisioned in the estos GmbH telephone system. After setting up the terminal, the terminal can be assigned to a user.
When the terminal is restarted, it is provisioned and automatically receives the assigned call number.

Basically, autoprovisioning automatically gives the phones the following features:

  • SIP account (registration of the telephone with the telephone system)
  • Access data to protect the telephone configuration
  • Function keys
  • Language files
  • STARFACE user menu for the telephone display
  • Firmware updates

Please also see the latest information on setting up the terminals on the estos GmbH web pages.

uaCSTA settings

If you have installed a estos ECSTA for SIP Phones, you can have the required connection data entered for the telephones with the provisioning.
Please note that the "Server" is an address that can be reached from all terminals. The password for logging in, which you have set in ECSTA for SIP phones, must be entered here.

Register terminals

Click on "Add" to register a new device.

The name of the device can be freely selected and is displayed when it is assigned to a user object. The name cannot be changed after adding the device.

Select the type of terminal device. Depending on the selection, the data required for registration will be requested in the next step.

MAC address For registering snom and Yearlink terminals.
The MAC address of the end device must be entered
Gigaset DECT Master To register a Gigaset DECT master.
The MAC ID must be entered
DECT handset To register a Gigaset DECT terminal.
The IPUI must be specified.
This option is only available after successful provisioning of a Gigaset Master.
If the handset is successfully entered, it is visible in the web interface of the DECT system.

DECT Master
This option is only displayed when adding a DECT handset. If several DECT systems are entered, the correct master must be selected here.

Provision desk phones
By "accepting" the entered devices, the information is transferred to the provisioning service and the terminal device can be assigned to a user object.

After entering the end devices, accepting the entries and assigning to a user, the Snom and Yealink end devices must be (re)started.
The end devices receive new firmware and the software to use the available settings.

Please note:
The following requirements must be met so that the terminal devices can be used with the ProCall Voice Services and the functions of the Voice Services are available:
  • The terminal device must be set up in UCServer.
  • The terminal device must be assigned to a user object.
  • At least 1 phone number must be assigned to the terminal.
  • The terminal device must be (re)started.
Make sure that the new firmware is installed on the terminal device. Otherwise the functions of ProCall Voice Services are not available.

Set up DECT system
The DECT master must be restarted once after entering in UCServer.
After successful provisioning, the handsets can be entered in UCServer using "Add" - DECT Handset".
The handsets added in this way are automatically entered in the DECT master and managed there.

In the next step, the handsets must be registered in the DECT system. Via the context menu in UCServer you can start the "Logon mode" in the master.

Overview - terminals

The overview shows to which user the end device has been assigned and the status of the end device.

Status Meaning
Online The terminal device has been successfully provisioned and registered with the telephone system.
Offline The terminal device has been provisioned successfully, but has not been registered with the telephone system.
Provisioning The Mac® address / UID has been successfully sent to the provisioning server.
MAC address already registered The MAC address entered already exists on the provisioning server. To provision the end device again, it must first be deleted.
Error received from phone provider The MAC address / UID could not be passed to the provisioning server. Contact estos GmbH support.
Error registering device Error registering the terminal device to the PBX. If re-registering the terminal device is not successful, contact estos GmbH support.
No provider mapping for this device There is no provider for the provisioning of the terminal.
unknown The status is unknown.
The status is displayed if the terminal device is not entered in the telephone system (offline, online).
Errors during provisioning are currently only displayed as long as the "End Devices" window is open.
After switching windows, the status cannot be displayed again.
Registration This status is displayed on a Gigaset DECT Master when it is in registration mode so that the DECT terminals can register with the station.
Please also see the notes on the estos GmbH web pages.

Version 7.8