estos UCServer requires licence keys to operate. Basic properties of estos UCServer are defined by the licence key. The licences have 35 digits and have the following pattern:

Select license model
At this point there are the following possibilities:

Test 25 licenses free of charge (for 45 days)Use the evaluation license. The estos UCServer can be tested for 45 days with all available functions for 25 PC's. At the end of the test period the licences have to be purchased and entered.
Add licenseTo enter a new license please use the button "Add".

List of licenses used
This list shows the licenses entered and its properties.

DescriptionDescription of licenses or its features
AmountAmount of active licenses or its features
UsedAmount of actually used licenses or its featues
Valid untilDisplays the license validity period
LicenseLicense key (35 digits)
estos ProCall workstationsNumber of users who can be activated simultaneously (namedUser)
Clients and devices (server connections)Amount of server connections enabled to be active simultaneously
LinesNumber of lines and phones which can be used
ProCall AnalyticsAmount of ProCall Analytics licenses

Note a estos ProCall user license entitles a user to log in with two estos ProCall clients simultaneously (eg ProCall for Mac®, ProCall Mobile, ProCall Windows).

Sum active licenses shows the summary of current valid licenses.

Thereby, new licenses can be added to the list.
Any number of licenses can be entered.
The licenses have 35 digits and confirm to the following pattern:

Remove the marked license from the list

A hardware ID which is used to create a license bound to the hardware.

Version 7.8