E-Mail dispatch

estos UCServer supports sending email. This transmission feature is used for administrator error notifications and events, as well as for notifying users of unanswered calls.

SMTP server
Host name, or IP address and port number, for the mail server. By default, the port number will either be 25 (for SMTP) or 587 (for Message Submission).

Login name (optional)
User name for the SMTP connection (SMTP AUTH)

Password (optional)
Password for the SMTP connection (SMTP AUTH)

Sender's e-mail address
The sender's e-mail address.

Recipient’s e-mail address
The administrator's e-mail address for the delivery of error messages.
You may enter multiple adresses separated by a semi-colon.

Allow e-mails with UTF-8 (UNICODE) contents
Allows the server to send e-mails in UTF 8 code. If you deactivate this option, e-mails can send only characters known in the ISO Latin code page of the operating system.

Force TLS
Activates forced TLS encryption. If the server does not provide any encryption, transmission will fail.

A test message will be sent, which may take a few minutes. A pop-up dialog will then appear, which will report on the success or failure (including potential error message) of the test.

Version 7.8