If you cannot establish a successful federation to other servers, the reason can be a misconfiguration or physical connecting problems. According to the configuration, different diagnostics options are available.

Diagnostics available
  • Network interfaces
    If the SIP server is used, then it can be checked whether the configured network interfaces were correctly opened.
  • Open Federation
    It is tested whether the requirments for Open Federation are fulfilled and the necessary DNS entries exist.
  • SIP Proxy
    Problems with the SIP proxy server can be detected with this test. If the connection to the SIP proxy server could be established and login was successful will be tested. Login errors will be displayed as SIP response codes.
  • Partner Domain configuration
    It trys to estabish a network connection with the access server. Please note that only an outgoing connection is established. Please check the conncetion for a complete test of a static route on the SIP level.
  • XMPP
    The prerequisites for XMPP federation will be tested for fulfillment.
  • Connection test
    Here it can be tested if a SIP connection can be established between a local user (sender) and a user on another server (receiver). The sender subscribes the presence of the receiver for a short time. Connecting test errors at SIP level are shown as SIP responses code.
    Please note that during the brief subscribtion of the presence for the connecting test under circumstances an authorization inquiry (receiver) can take place.
Diagnostic results

Diagnostic results are divided into three categories:

The test was completed successfully.

The lines show the information that was determined by the test steps and should be rechecked. Discrepancies can often be detected here.
The name (Host) is determined by an IP address. Should this name contain no named parts of the desired device (that you would like to connect to), you should recheck the IP address. An incorrect number sequence is often the cause.
An expected prerequisite was not found or the test was stopped because of an error.


Old test results can be restored with this button. This functionality is used primarily by our support to restore your saved reports and to be able to give you the best advice.


Save the results in a file if you cannot solve the problem and would like to have the help of our supports. Your personal consultant needs this file for an ideal consultation.

Version 7.8