Data sources

The data source settings contain the list of all contact data sources which are to be used when searching for contact definition. estos ProCall automatically inserts the data sources for estos ProCall users, the lines, the estos ProCall favorites and the estos MetaDirectory centrally configured in estos UCServer. Also data sources which are administratively defaulted by group guidelines are automatically entered.

Using the data source estos ProCall Favorites you can not only search all contacts in your Favorites, but also quickly find all the contacts that are stored in estos ProCall monitor.

In addition, your personal inbox is imported from Outlook® when estos ProCall is started if you have Outlook® installed on your computer and have not specified any other folders.

General settings

The search behavior can be set for each data source in the list. The general settings can be changed directly in the overview list or by clicking the Edit button on the General tab.

  •   Use in search filter "All"
    If this option is selected for a data source the data source is searched if the "All" filter is selected in the search field.

  •   Search on incoming call
    For every call, estos ProCall automatically searches data sources for the phone number in order to find the call partner. You can define here which data sources are to be used for this. It is recommended that especially slow data sources are not searched when contact search.

  • Use if tenant function
    In addition to the phone number search to find out the call participant, ProCall can also search a contact, the client, for the phone number on your own telephone. This function is useful, e.g. for hotline services, and you should only activate it if the data source contains client contacts and you want to show the client contact, e.g., in the call window. Please note that the tenant function can not be used for the data source "estos ProCall user" as well as for phonebook data sources.

  •   Treat as unpersonalized data source
    As well as your personal contact data sources you can also use estos ProCall with unpersonalized data sources (mainly phone books). However, the search of phone books only makes sense if there is no contact in your personal contact data sources which corresponds to the search criteria. Activate this setting if the data source should only be searched when no contact is found in the personal data sources already searched. Phone book data sources are a typical application case.

Data source search sequence:

estos ProCall permits you to define the order in which the data sources are searched. The topmost data source in the list is always processed first. Click the Move up button to move the selected data source up one place. Similarly, use the Move down button to move the selected data source one place lower down in the list. Please note that all data sources with the Treat as phone book option are always searched at the end and therefore must always be at the bottom of the list.

Adding data sources

New data sources can be linked at any time in estos ProCall. For this, click the Add button and select the data source option.

  •   Outlook®
    Click here to add an Outlook® mailbox or a specific Outlook® contact folder to the search list. Please note that you can only select mailboxes or contact folders in the selection dialog. If you add a mailbox this is automatically configured so that all subordinate contact folders are also used in the search. Subordinate folders are not, however, included for added contact folders. This behavior can be altered at any time with Edit.

  •   Exchange Web Services
    The Contacts folder can be added using Exchange Web Services from here. As with Outlook®, all sub-folders for mailboxes will be used automatically, but not with normal folders.

  •   IBM Notes®
    Click here to add a IBM Notes® address book to the search list. The configuration dialog assists you with integration and offers default settings. You can change the configuration at any time with "Edit".

  •   ODBC
    Click here to add an ODBC data source to the search list. You can thus use contact data which you have stored, for example in a Microsoft® Excel file or a Microsoft Access® database, directly in estos ProCall.

    The configuration dialog supports you with connection and specifies default values. You can modify the configuration at any time with Edit.

    Please note that for this function the appropriate ODBC driver must be present on your system. The use of a estos MetaDirectory is recommended to integrate larger data stocks for performance reasons.

  •   Add phone book
    estos ProCall offers you the option of adding phone books installed locally on your computer. Although estos ProCall automatically recognises locally installed phone books it may be necessary to specify the installation manually. When installing "Das Telefonbuch Deutschland" please indicate the installation path of the product in a manual configuration, when installing "TwixTel" the path to the Data-CD must always be specified.

    You can also integrate phone books into estos ProCall which are not installed locally but centrally. For this, you must configure the phone book in the estos MetaDirectory and connect the estos MetaDirectory as a phone book.

  •   Add MetaDirectory or LDAP data source
    You can integrate both a estos MetaDirectory and normal LDAP data sources into estos ProCall with the help of the database wizard. Field allocation is automatic in the case of estos MetaDirectory.

    Click here to add the DATEV SDD database to the search list.

Editing data sources

Specific data source properties can be viewed or modified via the Editbutton. Alternatively you can double-click a data source list entry.

  •   Adjust favorite data source
    In the event that a company name has not been explicitly provided by the federation participant, check the Fill empty company names from the presence domain entries for federation contacts checkbox, to find Federation contacts based on company name when searching Favorites. When checked, the presence domain will be interpreted as the company name for federation contacts.

  •   Edit Outlook® folders
    Select theInclude all sub-folders when searching option on the Advanced tab if all subordinate contact folders should be searched in addition to the folder itself.

    On the Name search tab you can specify a list of fields which should be additionally included in name searches in Outlook® folders. The Last name, First name and Company fields are already searched by default. Please note that the name search fields apply globally for all Outlook® folders.

    Click <Add field here> and select the Item.Department entry from the list. The subsequent name search will then find all Outlook® contacts which match the search criterion in the Department field.

  •   Edit Exchange Web Services
    The settings available are the same as those for Outlook® folders.

  •   Edit IBM Notes® folders
    The tab Advanced displays the most important details of the selected IBM Notes® Directory. Select the button Configure in order to change the parameters.

  •   Edit ODBC connection
    The tab Advanced displays the most important details of the selected ODBC connection. Select the button Configure in order to change the parameters.

  •   Edit phone book
    Here you can query the installation path and the current status and, if necessary, information about the connected phone book. Please note that the installation path can only be changed if you remove and re-attach the current phone book.

  •   Edit MetaDirectoryor LDAP data source
    On the Advanced tab, information can be retrieved about the selected data source or configuration of the data source. The database wizard assists with this. Please note that a centrally configured estos MetaDirectory can only be changed in estos UCServer and not in estos ProCall.

  •   Edit DATEV SDD data source
    Check Use Comments from Communication Details as the Contact Person's Name so that contacts maintained in the Comments entry in DATEV Arbeitsplatz Pro can also be found.

Please note that with data sources that are administratively defaulted by group guidelines, the configuration cannot be edited by the User.

Deleting data sources

Click the Delete button to remove a data source. Please note that some data sources cannot be removed. These include the estos ProCall users, estos UCServer's lines, the estos ProCall favorites and the estos MetaDirectory centrally configured on estos UCServer. Also data sources cannot be deleted which are administratively defaulted by group guidelines.

If a data source could not be integrated this is indicated by an exclamation mark in the data source icon. An error description is displayed in the tooltip if you place a mouse pointer over the data source icon.
Local mail boxes from Outlook® or IBM Notes® are added autimatically at the start of estos ProCall if no data sources were configured for Outlook® or IBM Notes®.
If at Start, estos ProCall recognises a phone book that until now is not configured, this is included in the data source list automatically.
"Das Telefonbuch Deutschland" must be installed on your computer with the phone book data bank. To copy the phone book database (without installation) is not sufficient.
The integration of DATEV automatically prioritizes contacts from DATEV data sources during phone number resolution after initial installation. This can be changed by the user in the data source settings. If the DATEV workstation is started, a search hit from the DATEV data source is always preselected in the client, regardless of the prioritization of the data sources.

Version 7.8